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breast augmentation Chattanooga, Tennessee

Breast Augmentation in Chattanooga

Breast Enhancement Surgery

Breast augmentation surgery at our Chattanooga office is completed in an AAAHC accredited surgical suite by our Board Certified Surgeons. The procedure typically takes an hour to two hours to complete and is completed under twilight sedation. We offer many different sizes and shapes of saline and silicone breast implants which are placed under the muscle . Our surgeons typically make the incision around the aeriola (Periareolar) or in the under the breast fold ( Inframammary ). Upon healing, we provide laser treatments to reduce the visible signs of the incision scar which are included in the patient's surgical fees.

Breast Augmentation Cost

Breast Augmentation surgery cost depends on the type of breast implants used. Breast augmentation with silicone implants typically costs around $4,800 and includes physician surgery fees, office surgical suite fees, anesthesia fees along with pre-op and post op laser scar modulation treatments. Saline implants starts at $3,800. We offer financing options so that you can afford to get the look you deserve.

Following Surgery

Following the breast augmentation, a layer of elastic tape and light compression bra must be worn. Patients can typically resume light activities after three to four days. However, regular activities can not be performed for one to two weeks and strenuous activities (jogging or horseback riding) is not advisable for six weeks following the surgery .

Our Surgeons

Board Certified Surgeon Dr. White is experienced in breast augmentation surgery. In addition, our Christian staff allows for an environment where you will feel respected and secure. In addition, most procedures are performed in-house. This provides convenience, safety and reduced costs for the patient.



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breast implants Chattanooga, Tennessee

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