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Breast Augmentation Recovery Check List

If you have just booked for breast augmentation surgery , congratulations on taking major strides towards a more confident you! You are probably excited about the perks of having a fuller, more feminine figure and all of the fun that it entails ( for new tops, beach vacations and a greater sense of confidence). However, the thought of surgery can conjure anxiety even in the bravest individuals. By knowing what to expect and being as prepared as possible, you can arrange for an optimal, stress-free surgical experience. Here are some tips to ensure a smooth recovery after breast enhancement surgery.

Arrange for a care-taker and driver

While every patient reacts differently to breast augmentation surgery, some patients may have greater difficulty performing tasks which require lifting or raising their arms. This can last up to a week after surgery. Having someone to assist you while recovering will allow for a more convenient healing environment. Due to anesthesia and pain medications, all patients must arrange for a driver. It is recommended that you not drive for 24 hours following breast augmentation surgery. Make sure your designated driver is able to pick you up after surgery and take you to and from your scheduled post-op appointment the day after your surgery.

Comfy pajamas

For a few days following surgery, you will most likely be taking it easy- mainly lounging in the bed watching television or reading your favorite books. Make sure you have comfortable clothing for lounging and rest. Because lifting your arms may cause soreness or immobility, a loose, button-up top is recommended and will allow you to change clothing with more ease.

Easy to prepare food

Because of soreness and limited mobility during the immediate hours or days following surgery, make sure to have pre-prepared or low-maintance meal options available. Many patients enjoy classic comfort foods like jello and canned soup. However, a diet rich in protein may promote the body's healing process (think protein shakes, eggs, or lean meats). Be sure to check with your healthcare provider before starting any diet plans immediately after surgery.

Supportive Bras

Many women falsely believe that breast implants do not require the support and care that natural breasts need. However, this is highly inaccurate. During your pre-op appointment, your breast augmentation surgery provider can guide you on choosing the most supportive undergarments for your new breasts. At our practice, we provide our patient with an undergarment which is to be worn during the recovery process as part of their breast package.

By arranging in advance, you can foster an ideal recovery environment. Be sure you are fully prepared for breast augmentation surgery! Education is your BEST tool.


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