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Breast Implant Visualizer

Have you ever wondered what your body would look like with breast implants? Or maybe you have already decided to undergo breast augmentation surgery but are unsure what size , or how many "cc"s to choose for your implants. Thanks to recent, cutting-edge technology, you can now experiment and visualize the way different types and sizes of implants will look on your body in the comfort of your own home. Even better, no expensive software or equipment is necessary. You can simply go to's New You Visualizer page.

Serving as the spokesperson for the New You Visualizer, Brook Burke-Charvet explains the value of this new tool.

"If cosmetic surgery is something you're considering it's important to make an informed, healthy decision. In truth, I think the decision-making process is as important as the procedure itself," said Burke-Charvet. "Women are bombarded with information about breast augmentation, but don't get the answer they really want, specifically 'How will I look afterward?'. I love that the New You Visualizer empowers women to inform themselves,"Brooke explained.

Once you have gone to the New You Visualizer page on, you can manipulate the breast implant size, shape , and other factors. Just follow these steps.


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breast implants Chattanooga, Tennessee

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